​Raekwon delivers electrifying show in Chicago, weighs in on R. Kelly and Bill Cosby controversies

Before a standing room, only crowd for the most recent event in the Classic Hip Hop Lives Concert series, Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan delivered an electrifying performance.

Not only did he move the crowd performing some of his most memorable hits accompanied with a live band, he also weighed in on the recent controversies surrounding R. Kelly and Bill Cosby, expressing support for both. Raekwon suggested separating the R. Kelly’s music from the accusations adding that nothing should be said about a situation until all the facts are in.

“Don’t take away that man’s music. His legacy is his legacy. His music is his music,” Raekwon told the crowd. “I love his music! And now, they fu*ked my ni**a Bill Cosby over…is this a plan? What’s going on? I’m looking at the president sh*t and I’m like everything is just…full of sh*t right now,” Raekwon told the crowd.

He advised people to mind their own business regarding R Kelly allegations. “Mind your (own) business,” said Raekwon.  “I love that nigga’s music. Shout out to R Kelly,” he added.


To view the video, click here.

The goal of Classic Hip Hop Lives is to preserve and celebrate the culture. CHHL brings Golden Era Hip Hop artist and groups in to perform their greatest hits in cozy and intimate venues accompanied by a live band.  The Hip Hop music that you many grew up on, heard like never before.

The next show is scheduled for  June 15th and will feature the legendary group Brand Nubian.

More information is available at classichiphoplives.com.


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