Cook County Dems Elect Toni Preckwinkle As Party Chair, Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia Endorses Madigan for Statewide Democratic Chair

After a celebratory double win for Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, winning the Democratic primary and recently elected as the first African American woman to chair the Cook County Democratic party–it’s no surprise of this latest news from the Chuy Garcia camp.

The newly elected Democratic State Central Committeeman and Democratic congressional candidate, Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia has endorsed Speaker Michael Madigan as Statewide Democratic Party chair.

He released the following statement today:

“As a progressive Democrat, it is my intention to support a state party chair who will work with me to advance our most fundamental goals. I will support a chair who shares my commitment to true economic justice for all, my belief that a hard day’s work should be rewarded with a living wage, and my dedication to fighting for affordable and accessible health care. I will support a chair who, above all, knows that our goal as a Democratic Party and as a progressive movement must be to build a broad coalition that can deliver this change. Michael Madigan is a clear choice.”

In addition to both Preckwinkle and Garcia’s recent elected roles in the Democratic party, 22nd Ward Committeeman, Michael D. Rodriguez was elected Executive Vice Chair of the Cook County Democratic Party. 

Michael D. Rodriguez

Younger than his elected party leaders, he says, “I am grateful to my fellow committee members for their support on this historic day, in which we have elected the first African American and the first woman to lead the Cook County Democratic Party. 

“As vice chair, I am committed to reflect the growing part of the Democratic Party’s base that is young and progressive. 

“In recent election cycles, the voters have sent a message to the Party that it needs to evolve. I have been working at the forefront of that movement, supporting candidates and policies that will move us in a more progressive direction. I pledge today to fight for the pro-working families policy agenda that the voters of Cook County are clamoring for,” said Rodriguez. 

Roderick T. Sawyer, 6th Ward Alderman and Committeeman of the Cook County Democratic Party (CCDP) and Chair of the City Council Black Caucus, reflects on the party’s choice of electing Preckwinkle to CCDP chair and the direction Dems should evolve. 

He says, “The Cook County Democratic Party is at a crossroads. While most of the country is talking about progressive values, our party is viewed as a defender of decades-old institutions and power structures–not one that focuses on the challenges facing our communities. That must change. 

“Today, we have an opportunity to shift course. As leaders of the Democratic Party, we have a unique role in Cook County. We can and must now step up and lead on issues for working people, women and people of color, and help to shape a forward-thinking agenda for the national Democratic Party.”

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