Kendrick Lamar is All That and A Pulitzer Prize

Oh, snap! Did the kid from Compton upstage the industry and all naysayers who thought hip-hop musicians were regulated to music videos, popping Mollys, bottles, and crowd surfing across thousands of kids at an over-the-top music festival? 

On Monday, the 12-time Grammy recording artist, Kendrick Lamar became the first hip-hop artist to earn the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. You heard it right, a Pulitzer Prize for his multi-platinum and socially conscious album, “DAMN.” 

At 29, Lamar has achieved what none of his musical adversaries in the field of modern pop music has earned–an award that has crossed international barricades in bringing attention to the social economic and justice disparities of race relations in our country. His ability to delve deep into the conscious of every millennial and music consumer whose had the pleasure to listen to his music has become ignited and ‘woke.’ 

He follows in an esteemed line of alumni whose made the world ‘think’ and challenged–Gwendolyn Brooks, Alex Haley, August Wilson, Wynton Marsalis among many creatives in literary, drama and music world. 

Congratulations to Mr. Lamar for not only creating great music but igniting a new generation of independent thinkers. 

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