Mary’s #IntheMixx: CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson Protects His Own

JB Pritzker at Chatham campaign offices.

Are you happy to go back to a politic ad-free viewing experience? Well, if you felt like throwing your shoe at the television screen during what seemed like the longest Illinois primary race in history, join the club—stock up on a few pairs to throw.

I kick off my column with a new platform (my own) after taking a few weeks to regroup, rebuild and rebrand. One thing I’ve learned from being in an entrenched news town—thenews NEVER STOPS. It’s also better to report the news than being the news.
So, with my short break, I’m grateful for the outpouring of support from my family, friends, industry colleagues, and the readers whose followed my work over the last few years. It feels good to know I have an entire community who has my back and the truth always prevails.
Most of us haven’t allowed the political season to detour us from our daily lives—in fact, close to 67 percent didn’t give sh*t. We had the lowest voter turnouts in a very long time. We wondered why registered voters didn’t feel motivated to make the trip to the polls? In the most expensive gubernatorial primary race in the country with JB Pritzker kicking in $70 million and Gov. Bruce Rauner doling out $50 million—the African American voter was at the center. We had the dance card, but we didn’t show up at the dance.
CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson

LeGrier’s Mother Speaks Out

The mother of Quintonio LeGrier, Janet Cooksey is stunned by CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s justification in opposition to COPA’s ruling which could not justify CPD officer’s shooting and murder of the mother of six and a young Black male. Just when the public thought there could be some healing and building trust between Chicago Police Department and the community, more salt poured into the wound.
Quintonio LeGrier

Johnson released a letter justifying his support of Officer Robert Rialmo conduct in the shooting of Quintonio LeGrier and Betty Jones in the 2015 fatal shooting which resulted in their deaths. Johnson says he wants to regain the public trust. “Look at my record.” His decision is not the final word, and he’ll meet with the police board to determine the final assessment.

Black Aldermanic Caucus Chair, Alderman Roderick Sawyer told reporters, he still believes in the ChicagoPolice Department and Supt. Eddie Johnson.
Sometimes, it’s not enough to stand behind a podium to keep the peace. Who speaks for the dead beside the victim’s family? How can constituents feel safe in their own homes if the very people we elect to represent our communities are not challenging the status quo? These are the questions that openly discussed in barbershops, coffeehouses, restaurant counters and community forums. When our students must protest at city hall to save their schools from closing, they face being arrested because the voices of democracy have steadily become mute—this is the time where WE MUST VOTE.

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